Album: Still Believing In Love: True Story

Underground rap artist Maxx Kenif drops his new 8 track project, "Still Believing In Love: True Story" composed of experimental vocals and melodies. This new artist from New Jersey expresses his emotions with both love & life.




KG MAG: What was the overall inspiration for the project?

MAXX: Just being happy to build something so the world can enjoy, I look at my life as a movie so everything just naturally came together. That's why I put "True Story" in  the title.

KG MAG: Is the song "Pretty Thang" dedicated to an actual person? What was the aspect behind the song?

MAXX: Yeah, that's usually how it went, just catch a vibe and put it into the beats and tell a story. But that song was just a reminder about how wavy a girl can be, "she my pretty thang" (referencing one of his tracks).

KG MAG: Is the project different from any of your past projects?

MAXX: The vibes are still there, but I personally feel as though the sounds are just growing more and more.

KG MAG: Did you get inspiration from any other artists for this project?

MAXX: I know the people I listen to now and I appreciate what influence they had, but for this one I just took myself to a vibe when I was younger to bring the sounds for this one. I had to take time to study my craft.

KG MAG: What are your inspirations for your future career?

MAXX: I really want to produce my own movie. Well, a couple of them, but that's for later once I master my music to the best it can be. For now just enjoying the road instead of fighting for a destination.

KG MAG: Are there any artists you would want to collaborate with, music wise?

MAXX: For the most part Kid Cudi, Neil Young, Kanye, Donell Jones, and etc. in my eyes if the vibe is right it's always going to be room to work with whoever.


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