New Year, New Music, More Evolved You


We made it to 2018! It's time to dust off that negative energy from the past and get ready for a brand new start. I've seen on social media often how people hate the saying "new year, new me", and to an extent I get it. But if you know like I know, 2018 is THE YEAR to switch up on 'em and be the best version of yourself. Whether you're changing on the inside or retouching the outside, it's about you elevating, evolving and getting better everyday. 

Some people change their hair color, spruce up their wardrobe, try new foods, the list goes on. For me, it was expanding my horizons in music. Instead of just going to my phone and putting on Pandora and letting just "anything" break through the silence and energy of my space, I've decided to make more conscious decisions about what I listen to. Wether it's to get me out of bed and hype about the day ahead, running errands, getting ready for a night out, or to help me unwind to go to sleep, every song that touches my ears has a meaning and purpose. 

Last December, N.E.R.D. dropped a new album entitled "No_One Ever Really Dies", a self titled project written by a group of childhood friends. This collective includes the musical genius himself, Pharrell Williams, as well as Chad Hugo and Shay Hayley. Their latest project included the New Orleans "bounce music" inspired banger Lemon featuring Rihanna

Another popular song on the album was "1000", featuring the "sensational" hip-hop rapper Future. This is the song that has gotten me up out of bed in the morning. From the skate-punk aesthetic you get in the chorus to the depth-defying hip hop beat that follows, you can't help but dance to it. While the lyrics and beat drops make you feel like you can take on the world, the chorus has a simple message: "In the mirror is a hero! One, zero, zero, zero!"

And with that, my readers, I ask and encourage you to be the hero of 2018 and your own story. 

I also encourage you and ask you to keep the conversation going, what would you like to talk about next? Any new artists that you want to hear about? Know something I don't? The comment section is open for you to discuss with me and other readers as well.

Link to "1000" by N.E.R.D.: